About Us

Dutch Medical Food is a Global Medical Nutrition company that is specialized in Research, Development, Manufacturing and Distribution of Conventional and Innovative Nutritional Products and Personalized Solutions to nourish life, growth and health in children and adults who are critically ill, living with chronic disease or a condition requiring specialized nutrition.

Our main focus is to ensure products of the highest quality reach as many people as possible around the world, who are in need of nutritional support. Our medical nutrition portfolio and services are recommended by healthcare professionals for patients with dietary needs different from healthy people due to illness or disease related needs and other conditions and challenges during the different stages in life.

Our current portfolio is specialized upon nutritional needs of pediatric and adult patients focusing on malnutrition, critical care and surgery, drug-resistance epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and digestive impairment, cardiac disease, COPD, sarcopenia, liver diseases, impaired growth in infancy and cystic fibrosis.

Our commitment to nature and science-based nutrition means that we keep working on creating solutions that can make a difference for the world we live in, for patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and for the future generations.

Our products and services are distributed Globally through our headquarter in the Netherlands and subsidiaries in the US, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Australia.

Our Vision

We believe that every human being has the right to obtain high-quality healthcare. Nutrition plays an important role in this. Our vision of “Caring for All” is to make high quality nutritional products accessible to all segments of the market, helping patients who are in need of medical nutrition.

Our Mission

We believe we are in this world to provide Dutch quality conventional and innovative nutritional products and personalized solutions to nourish and improve life, growth and health in infants, children and adults who are in need of medical nutrition anytime throughout their life.

Dutch Medical Food's Commitment to Quality

We strive to embody Quality in every aspect of our work. Our patients and their doctors rely on us to design, develop and distribute products of the highest quality standards, and we are committed to exceed their expectations.

Our focus is on patients and their doctors

We want to develop innovative medical nutrition solutions, delivering accessible, high quality products that nourish life, growth and health in children and adults who are critically ill or are living with chronic disease, or in need of nutritional interventions to support a healthy lifestyle. We will do this through collaboration with doctors and invest in research to develop products and solutions that provide greater value to our patients, their doctors, and indeed to the global community.

Quality is a ‘birthright’ of our patients and not a competitive advantage

We are guided by Quality Management Principles and are committed to meeting and exceeding quality standards established by regulatory agencies. Through continuous improvement processes we ensure quality, ethics and integrity guide our decisions to always do what is in the best interest of our patients.

We will strive to make our products available in underserved markets. This will make us better as a business and a trusted partner to our patients and their doctors – from now and into the future.


As we research and develop new medical nutrition products and solutions, we aim to make our products available in underserved communities and countries. Our innovation process will aspire to meet the needs of different types of patients or diseases and for the diverse geographies where they live.

Dutch Medical Food Corporate Responsibility and Transparency

From the very outset we have made a conscious choice to strive to be a socially responsible corporate citizen. Toward this foundational goal we will pursue progressively higher levels of standards in ethics, transparency and sustainability and embody this in how we design, develop, and deliver our products around the world.


Our mindset is one of continuous improvement across all aspects of our processes and supply chain. Given the complexity and global nature of the supply chain, and given the magnitude of importance to all stakeholders, we will foster engagement and collaboration with our upstream and downstream partners to support traceability and transparency  – from farm and factory to finished product in-store on shelf.